The 2020 WWG Anthology


January 15, 2020 through February 15, 2020


  • Up to 3 submissions per author, maximum 5,000 words per author.

  • No multiple-author pieces

  • Work must be original and unpublished

  • No graphic sex or violence, or sexual assault

  • You are granting the WWG First Rights to publish in the 2020 anthology, ownership remains yours

  • No revision cycle, your submission must be near-perfect as we will accept or reject as is, only correcting an incidental typo.

  • Must be in Standard Manuscript format (ex.

  • Judges' decision is final, not every work is accepted

  • Barring a mistake, fees are final, no refunds regardless of acceptance

Submission Details

Put each entry in a separate MS Word file (.doc, .docx).

Use Standard Manuscript Format

In the body of the email, please tell us the word count, title and if you are a paid member so we can account for things.

Attach to an email with the subject of:


address the email to:

Now for the money, let's slow down and read carefully. We encourage you to join the WWG for many more benefits than an anthology.

If you want to join, click the Join button. It will explain the deal and lead to paying the $40 annual fee.

If you don't wish to join and just want to submit, click the Buy Now button, which will use PayPal for the $20 fee.

The money is used for judging fees, editing, layout, and further support of the WWG as a 501 (c)(3) organization.

There are no refunds, barring some horrible mistake.