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The Tools We Use

Updated: Jan 31

Over meatloaf and potatoes, I happily announced a brilliant software program that doubled my productivity. My children frowned disappointingly. You’re cheating? Art needs love and nurturing, not computing power. Art is a craft you hone with each stroke of a brush or scratch of a pen across delicate paper.

I was confused. Why shouldn’t writers use software?

Most professions use software to increase productivity. Is their work less important for using technology? Let’s examine these professional disciplines that require education and time-saving software:

  • Book Cover Artist-Painter 2022 and Photoshop

  • Musicians-Logic Pro-X Apple

  • Programmers-Visual Studio

  • Doctors-MedixcelEMR

  • Surgeons-Pro Surgical 3D

  • Architects-Fusion 360 (CAD, CAM CAE, and PCB software)

And don’t forget the hundreds of invisible programs, from Amazon driver apps to the grocery store clerk who has no need for math. I’ve even witnessed a pharmacist looking up dosages on Google!

So why are writers held to a higher standard? Are we meant to suffer in darkened offices for our craft? Writing is easier today than ever. Check out these programs, if just for curiosity’s sake:

These tools in no way signify a writer is lazy or unknowledgeable, only that they value free time away from the keyboard.

Happy writing!


Mason Bell can be found at her website and where fine books are sold online.

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