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Be a WWG Guest Blogger

To add fresh content to the WWG website and help members gain exposure and web presence, the WWG is beginning a Guest Blog program. For paid members, they can submit articles and/or fill out the Interview and each month, we’ll run one of them. We may also invite others to contribute if we think they're a fit and will bring value to our members.

How it works

First, read up the guidelines on this page:

Then send us an idea pitch. We'll email back if we think it sounds right for us. Note, it might take until the weekend, this is an after hours project.

If we say yes, write it up. The length should be a page or two, like most blog articles. Format it and email it back like that link says. Then we'll do some edits, send you a link to confirm what we did and if everybody says yes, it'll go into the publication queue.

What if I'm not a writing advice writer?

Great question! We also want to know about you as a writer. Check out the Member Spotlight template and do that instead. It's fun and an easy way to break the ice.

What's this Queue?

In my imagination, I'll have so many articles to not worry about what to publish next month. We'll either post them in order of arrival (once per month) or mix things up if I've got too many of similar topic. If you don't send articles, I'll have to write them myself and nobody wants that.

Where can I read or follow this blog?

If you're reading this article, your here on the WWG website. Here's the home page URL to bookmark:

We will also post links on our Facebook group and Twitter because we want to help our readers and writers.

Payment of Exposure

That’s normally a dirty word, but for people starting out, you help us with an article, you get the by-line and links to your social media and website at the bottom. This helps your SEO and gets you portfolio credit toward guest blogging for other places.

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