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A Glimpse of Author Marketing

There are many ways to publish books these days. You can go the traditional publishing route, receive an advance, and let the company worry about the cover and printing.

You could self-publish and do your own cover design, formatting, and everything in between. Hiring out those jobs gets tough with no advance.

But what if I told you both paths might require you to do your own marketing?

Unless you’re writing the next Jurassic Park, you’re not likely to get money for marketing. In some cases, publishers will expect you to do the legwork and pay for marketing out of your advance. Self-publishers are the marketing department!

Authors who want to sell books must learn to market. Throwing a book on Amazon will get a handful of family members that want to support you and not much more. So how does a writer start with marketing?

The Woodlands Writing Guild has arranged two Toolbelt Tuesday sessions to address this issue—BookBrush and Story Origin.

What is BookBrush?

BookBrush is a web-based service designed with writers in mind. You need a good jpeg of your cover and a few fancy words, which should come easy!

Using the site is super simple.

You upload your cover image and choose the background and book style. Add a few lines of text. Voila! You have marketing material.

But what good is an image of a girl holding my book? Is BookBrush a one-trick pony?

I’m glad you asked.

  • Images created on BookBrush can be posted on your social media or used on your website to raise awareness of your work to potential readers.

  • BookBrush offers hundreds of ways to dress up your book cover. The more times a person sees a book, the more likely they will purchase it.

  • Throw together a Facebook Ad, Book Bub Ad, or any advertisement on BookBrush in minutes.

  • Authors can make boxed sets and book trailers.

On April 26th, Kathleen Sweeny from BookBrush will demo some of the more popular features of this fantastic platform and answer your questions.

If you cannot attend in person, we can provide a link for you to watch from home. Either way, don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to increase your knowledge base.

What is Story Origin?

StoryOrigin is a platform that allows authors to grow their newsletter.

His next newsletter will link 'to My Book.’ ’ s of your work and selling them your books. Newsletter lists will also help you find reviewers, so your books don’t get lost in the Amazon

To use StoryOrigin, you must have a way to deliver a newsletter. The number of subscribers is irrelevant, but it must be set up. Mailchimp is an excellent free option to create a newsletter, but there are many ways to accomplish this.

Once you have a method of delivering a newsletter, StoryOrigin allows you to swap your book with other authors’ newsletters. Here’s an example:

I have a book titled ‘My Story.'

Another author has a book titled ‘His Story.’

My next newsletter will link to ‘His Book.’

His next newsletter will link 'My Book.’

We are swapping audiences, hoping they want to read and buy our book.

StoryOrigin is great for promoting Reader Magnets or free books.

Why would I give away a book for free?

A Reader Magnet allows readers to try out your writing style before they commit to buying your book. Reader Magnets are typically short stories related to the book you want to sell.

When I list my Reader Magnet on Story Origin, someone can read my free book, but they must sign up for my newsletter. Each time I send out a newsletter, I am marketing to those readers.

Evan Cox from StoryOrigin will give us a tour of the software and answer your questions. This event will also be available online, so there’s nothing to lose and knowledge to gain. Mark your calendars for May 24th!

Publishing is a long game, and writing the book is only a third of the work ahead of you. Marketing to fans of your book is the best way forward however you decide to publish.

BookBrush and StoryOrigin are two ways to help you grow your author brand and sell more



Mason Bell can be found at her website and where fine books are sold online.

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