Paul Bussard

Paul Bussard worked in the Aerospace industry during the height of the U.S. space exploration program. Drawing inspiration from that experience, and from his enjoyment of the writings of Jules Verne, Paul was naturally drawn toward the science fiction genre. Finding comradery with like minded individuals in the Woodlands Writing Guild, he was able to publish his first novel, "Stinger Stars" in 2013, followed by "Beyond Hercules" in 2014. See more about Paul on his website:

BEYOND HERCULES is the story of a charismatic techno-geek who discovers anti-gravity not knowing the galaxy is patrolled by a derelict weapon that annihilates anyone using anti-gravity technology.

Imagine Duke Wainwright’s surprise when a simple fiber optics experiment blows a mile-deep hole in his garage floor. He’s discovered anti-gravity, but doesn’t know it. However, a derelict weapon, programmed to annihilate anyone with anti-gravity technology, does know it. It begins a countdown before Duke even knows what he’s discovered. Duke, his teenage sweetheart, an out-of-work astronomer, and a dead cosmonaut scramble to mount a defense as the robotic weapon begins its attack.

Beyond Hercules is a First Contact story of discovery, mystery, adventure, and romance for readers of all ages.

Stinger Stars is the story of mankind’s first contact with another intelligent
species—a man-made species that can enable humans to regenerate lost or
damaged body parts. Tragically, the intelligent creatures must be repeatedly
maimed in order for them to produce the regenerative agent that makes them
so useful. Set in a world of rival genetic research companies, ruthless alpha males,
unauthorized experiments, and industrial espionage,


Stinger Stars follows Maria de la Cruz, a lowly biology student with a stunted arm, as she struggles with the very personal moral and ethical issues—whether to protect the intelligent animals from cruel exploitation or benefit from their suffering to
regain the use of her arm.

Stinger Stars is a captivating tale of mystery, intrigue, romance, and ethos
that will engage your mind and warm your heart.


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