Mason Bell


A native resident of the great State of Texas, Mason Bell began her writing journey on one particularly hot summer day in 2017. Encouraged by the cold a/c, she hunkered at her desk and set out to document the years of stories told to her three children.

Mason is an unabashed self-publisher who launched her first middle-grade series mid-pandemic. The Depression Era books—A Sophie Mae Adventure Series—made fans of the young and old with its urban fantasy genre and fun characters.

Book One of her Galactic Fun Park series is set for release in September 2021. Five books in total, she plans to publish the entire series by mid-2022.

Mason Bell is determined to create intriguing stories long into her senior years when nefarious AI will undoubtedly be squeezing authors from the craft.


Mae Adventure Series

Armed with magic, Sophie Mae and the Gardenia Estate residents fight the effects of drought and hunger brought about by the Great Depression, despite being uncertain of the consequences.


Galactic Fun Park - Book One

Galactic Fun Park finished the summer with an uptick in guest complaints, leaving management no choice but to hire exterminators.

The threat of certain death forced the nocturnal animals into action. But pride ran deep within each species, weakening their chance of success.

Could the animals put aside their differences and unite for the good of all? Would the effort be wasted on humans who doubted the intelligence of a rodent population?