Membership in The Woodlands Writing Guild is open to anyone pursuing the art of writing. Our goal is to motivate and inspire new and experienced writers and help them hone and develop their skills. Guests are welcome at any time.

Dues for membership are $40 per year pro-rated quarterly (in other words $40 in January, $30 in April, etc.)

Privileges of membership include but are not limited to:

  • Voting Privileges

  • No-Cost entry into all guild contests

  • Discounted or No-Cost entry into guild sponsored events

  • Participation in Guild Committees

  • Full participation in all guild activities


Non-members are welcome to attend meetings, participate in critiquing sessions and present their own works for critique as guests of the guild. After three sessions, they are required to become members if they want to continue participating.

To join, please download and complete the membership application below. 





Bring the completed form to a meeting and give it to a board member or email it to


There are two simple ways to pay for your annual membership.

By Mail:

The Woodlands Writing Guild
PO BOX 132221
The Woodlands, TX 77393-2221

Checks should be made to WOODLANDS WRITING GUILD.