Interview Template

For our member spotlight blog articles, we have the following template.  Members can copy the questions, add a few more or skip some.  Mix it up and make it their own.  Then submit it to us for review. Once approved, it goes into the queue for publication.

  • What inspires or motivates you to write?

  • What kinds of fiction/non-fiction do you write?

  • What is your current project about?

  • What is the most recent thing you’ve learned about writing?

  • Describe your process for writing?

  • What tools or resources do you use to write?

  • How do you fit in time to write?

  • What and who are you reading right now and what do you think?

  • What book didn't you like and why?

  • Where can readers find your work (URLs please)?

Once you're ready, submit it to us by following the process on the Blog Submissions page