Annual Anthology

Starting in 2016, the Guild began putting together a member anthology. The Board, with input from membership, selects a general topic and then members are encouraged to let their imaginations run wild in 6000 words or less.

The submission process is simple:

  • You must be a paid member.

  • Your piece must adhere to the theme and word count limit. 

  • Submit your piece during the open call period. 

  • Wait to see if you piece is accepted.

  • If so, sign your Author Contract and make any suggested edits.

  • Congrats!  You're a published author!


A Word on Editing

The Guild does work with professional judges and editors, but that person is human so we make no guarantees that your submission will be completely error free when it goes to print.  It's in your best interest to edit your story as best you can before submission. The fewer errors there are to start with, the fewer there are to catch and attending critique sessions are a great way to address any questions you might have.

WWG 2020 Anthology.jpg
The 2020 WWG Anthology
Forest of Angels
The 2019 WWG Anthology
Our Haunted Woods
The 2018 WWG Anthology
Rising Waters
The 2017 WWG Anthology
Tales of the Forest
The 2016 WWG Anthology