Blog Submissions

Licensing and Ownership

By submitting to the WWG, you are granting us rights to use that article (or edited variant) indefinitely.  Ownership still belongs to you. Republish it as you wish. We just need enough rights to post it and leave it there.

What we're looking for

If you're not an MFA or multi-published award winning author, it's hard to see what you can offer on writing as a topic. Turns out there's quite a bit.  Consider these ideas:

  • Your writing experiences

  • The benefits of belonging to a writing critique group.

  • Writer conferences

  • How you recruited or managed beta readers

  • Your writing habits

  • Flash Fiction/Poetry/Narrative submissions

  • Getting started /ideas-where do they come from

  • Share your understanding of a writing rule*

  • Member Spotlight interview (click HERE for template)

*For writing advice/tips, as long as it is interesting and credible. If you're not a "certified expert",  don't write it like you are. But rather as this is what I've experienced or this is how I do it.  It will be honest, and honestly, sharing how you came to understand something new may help more than a lecture from a college professor who is decades away from that fresh understanding.

Content Guidelines

We're aiming at a general audience of fellow writers. Aside from strong opinions on the Oxford Comma, avoid controversial subjects outside the realm of writing craft itself. 

  • One to three pages (300-2000 words)

  • no swearing, sex, graphic violence (in fiction or non)

  • Avoid politics or religion (all we have in common is writing, let's keep it friendly)

  • No images you don't own (and thus grant us rights to use in the article)

  • No funky formatting.  We're just going to copy/paste and bold, underline, italicize or hyperlink URLs

For Member Spotlight interviews

copy the questions from the template and answer the questions.  Put the questions and answers into a Word (.doc or .docx) file and email it to with the prefix of "BLOG: Interview" in the subject line.

For Article Proposals

Tell us the gist of your idea in a few sentences and email it to with the prefix of "BLOG: Proposal" in the subject line. Our editor will email back if we're interested

For Article Submissions

When your idea is approved, write the article and save it as a Word (.doc or .docx) file in Standard Manuscript format. Send it to with the prefix of "BLOG: Article" in the subject line. Make sure you include your author name, and any web addresses you want us to include at the end of the article.  That's part of how we help you. If we can, we'll email you the URL when your article is published so you can link to it or post about it on your social media.

What Happens Next

Our process is similar to what other 'zines and blogs do.  We check the emails every so often and answer them or move to the next step (probably on the weekend). We will be saving your document into Google Docs, editing, and then inviting you to comment on our edits.  If both parties agree, we'll lock it down and that's what will be published when it's turn in the queue comes up.