Ceanmohrlass is a retired grandmother who has been writing novels for her family and friends for over 20 years. She is the family genealogist, and writing the family history
has only increased the passion for writing. Ceanmohrlass resides in Texas and is currently
(and always) working on her next novel.


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Brutal Souls

Memories? Imagination?
The innocent mutterings of a child?
They said he would grow out of it.
They said it’s only a phase...
Then she came into his life.
Toby has a secret. For his sixteenth birthday, his new girlfriend has booked a reading of their past lives, but she doesn’t know about his nightmares. For Hypnotherapist Margaret, it’s just another reading. The game has gone on long enough to pad her retirement fund. Unprepared for the havoc she unleashes, she struggles to stop the reading, but the damage is done. Unable to deny his true past, Toby seeks retaliation against those still living who betrayed him. Is the past destined to be repeated?

Stephani's Light

A powerful father.
A dangerous storm.
The ultimate betrayal.

For the first time in her young life, Macy knows she’s worth something. Her dreams do matter, and she sets a plan in motion to make them come true. Her co-worker, Bill, becomes a distraction she can’t afford when her domineering father issues an ultimatum. Forced to choose between her dreams and her responsibilities, Macy panics.

Desperate to outwit her father, she turns to Joshua, an elderly recluse, and an unlikely alliance is formed, unleashing a decades-old vendetta. Failure is not an option; time is up. Macy needs Joshua as much as he needs her. Will working together destroy them both?

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