Alberto Arcia

Alberto Arcia is an immigrant from the Republic of Panama. He is a former three-term president of The Woodlands Writers Guild, and has published seven books. Four of them, the Alex Perez novels are written for adults only - He has one short story book, and two juvenile fiction/fantasy novels, which are part of a four book series titled, The Adventures of the Danube Sisters. These are stories of swords/sorcery/love/war/dragons/ and heroic females. Alberto lives in Plantersville, Texas, with his wife, Betsy.

Alexis Aragon of Fern: The adventures of the Danube Sisters Volume II

Jana Danube is in love with Alexis, but it's her sister, Marika, that turns his head. The Arabs invade Calais, Alexis puts together an alliance consisting of the Danube Sisters, the Astorian queen, Samara, the Fernian queen, Korina, pirates, a force of friendly Arabs, and Soira, the reclusive wizard's daughter. When the war spills into her mystical domain, she prepares to defend it with an army of ghouls, dragons, and wild animals.

Chasing the Moolah: Alex Perez Goes to Afghanistan

Alex Perez, an immigrant from Panama working in Texas as a newspaperman is offered an interview by Mullah Mohammed Omar. Alex and his friend, Paco Williams join with a nefarious Frenchman who has contracted a deal to sell a load of weapons Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. The warlord, along with the mullah are waiting for Alex and the weapons somewhere in the Kondoz mountains of Afghanistan. The journey is long and bloody. Yet, before they get to their destination, the group is infiltrated by a unit of American soldiers led by Colonel Alfred Cromwell, a man obsessed with finding and capturing both, the one-eyed mullah, and Osama bin Laden, and collecting the bounty on their heads.

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