Alan B. Berkowitz

Alan B. Berrkowitz was born in New York City, lived in various parts of the U.S. and  traveled throughout the world. He was a diverse writer and his last work was a compilation of short stories and poems, "Confessions of a Jewish Santa."

He passed in 2015.

Confessions of a Jewish Santa...

There are over 40 chapters in his latest book. Stories include the humorous side of winning a car raffle, having a New York haircut, his encounters with a gang bosses letter, and a nutty employee encounter. Also, Berkowitz recreates parts of his childhood, and his first Porn Movie at age 12.

On the serious side he tells of his near kidnapping experience in the Caribbean, a near death encounter, a job interview from Hell, and others. His poetry runs the gamut of sweet to comical as Berkowitz finds a new genre for poems made from One-liner jokes, and various dilemmas.

In addition to his personal characterization as Santa, the author also introduces another alter-ego, a wise, advice giver in the form of the great rabbinical sage, Reb Schmeuli Rabinowitz, his personal Hanukah Harry.

Read it all at once, or read a story and put the book down until the next time. Either way, you will be enlightened and entertained.

Caution: You're About to be Prolerized: The Memoirs of Samuel Proler

These memoirs are about Sammy Proler, the family man. After retirement, Sammy the father, grandfather, and great-grandfather has devoted the rest of his life to his wife and large family. He insists that his grand- and great-grandkids call him “Sammy,” so they could always enjoy life with him as their friend.

Caution: You’re About to be Prolerized! shares not only Sam Proler’s life, but also his philosophy. Feel free to laugh and cry as you experience his mysterious aura, and you become Prolerized!