Forest of Angels

The 2019 WWG Anthology


Every morning when we wake, the first thing to come to mind is the day’s agenda. Yet, regardless of how we envision or plan it, twists and turns—slight and drastic—shape our days, lives, and characters. Events by chance, ripple effects running their course, a touch by a stranger never to be seen again, or something else that alters or resets life’s journey.


Angels, may they be repairmen, messengers, or guardians—those with simple occupations but a divine principle—walk among us. I have never seen one of these eternal hosts as described in Biblical terms, but I have had encounters, which I am sure were nothing less that extra-ordinary.


***Past the cover of this book is a literary jaunt that pierces the veil between our reality and of that which exists in tandem. Take a glance at these servants of a higher order through the imagination and prose of the Woodlands Writing Guild. ***


Between an age-old war of the fallen and those that stood firm to patching a broken road and creating new ones to destiny’s end, your story is probably in there somewhere. Enjoy reading ours as you contemplate yours.