Tales of the Forest

The 2016 WWG Anthology

The Woodlands Writing Guild (formerly the Woodlands Writers' Guild) is proud to present our first annual anthology!

Discover the terror of small and large woodland creatures, or the beauty of nature’s splendor. Traverse twisting roads through woods on a dark and stormy night. Explore with our authors the forests of old or new, south or north, on land or under the sea, bright or dark and those of pure fantasy. Twenty-seven tales and poems await you, including the bizarre conversations writers have and how that translates into a series of retaliatory tales.

Surrounded on a daily basis by nature and all her infinite glory, as we are, what else would you expect for our inaugural theme in an ongoing annual anthology to be but...woods? So hike through our group’s writings-the paths are many and the scenery can be calm and soothing or dark and spooky.